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Thematic cartography (generalities)
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The projects of developing the country’s basic infrastructure do require a deep knowledge feo soil and subsoil and especially natural resources: mineral substances, water… etc

So as to reach these goals the NOM has launched specific programs since 1990, which target the establishment of :

  • Governorates’ maps of useful substances
    Objectives :
    • introducing Tunisia’s systemic inventory of the non-metallic useful substance in the form of map files in 1/2000000 scale.
    • Endowing Tunisia with a database about useful substances (sand, clay, betonies, gypsum…etc)
    Elaborated documents:
    • Governorates’ maps in 1/200000 scale of the useful substances.

  • Gravimetric maps
    Objectives :
    • Providing the national territory with a gravimetric coverage.
    • Elaborating databases for all the raw gravimetric measures as well as the treated ones.
    • Putting this database and maps at users’ disposal in a variety of domains (mining-research work, natural risks, petroleum research, and civil engineering).
    Elaborated documents :
    • Multi-scale maps (1/50000, 1/200000, 1/500000) that elicit six types of anomaly: oguer, regional, second derivative, vertical gradient and analytic signal.
    • Gravimetric and georeferential database.

  • Geochemical maps
    Objectives :
    • Endowing the national territory with a geochemical coverage.
    • Elaborating a database for all the geochemical measures, raw as well as treated.
    • Putting this database and the geochemical and referential maps at users’ disposal in a variety of domains (mining research work, natural risks, petroleum research and civil engineering).
    Elaborated documents :
    • Mono- and multi- 1/500000 maps for the geochemical anomalies.
    • Geo-chemical and referential database and mono-/pluri- elementary graphic documents in different scales.

  • Natural-risk maps
    Objectives :
    • To draw seismicity, flood, erosion and desertification maps for the purpose of risk prevention and security measures especially in the most vulnerable areas.
    • To create mid- and long-term-data files that encompasses natural risks.
    • To set up a national database on the different natural risks that occurs in the country.
    Elaborated documents :
    • Thematic-natural-risk maps: landslide, seismicity, inundation, erosion, desertification… etc

maps of useful substances of Siliana governorate in 1/200000
(Larger image - click here)

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