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The NOM is a public establishment of a none-administrative nature (EPNA), which has a civil personality and financial autonomy and is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energy. (Head office)

  • Studying the country’s geology, using and adopting modern techniques so as to have the best knowledge of the country’s natural resources. Producing and disseminating data and studies about geology and mines in Tunisia for earth-science researchers.
  • Providing the public powers with the necessary tools for a better management of soil and subsoil and setting up programs aimed at preventing natural risks and developing the territory and the environment.
  • Identifying Tunisia’s soil- and subsoil-mining potentialities.


  • Providing the country with a basic geologic infrastructure.
  • Making an inventory of and exploring the country’s potentialities in mineral raw materials.
  • Assuring geo-information stocking and management.
  • Boosting the mineral potential of the country

Workforce / (132) agents until 2017 :

  • Engineers and managers (87)
  • Employees and technicians (university graduates) (33)
  • Workers, skilled and non-skilled (execution) (12)
  • General supervision rate: 30.3%

Fields of activities
The NOM has had at its disposal expertise potential and assistance in the following domains :

  • Basic geological cartography
  • Thematic cartography
  • Numeric cartography and information system
  • Natural risks
  • Necessary materials
  • Mineral resources
  • Analytical techniques
  • Geophysical exploration
  • Geochemical exploration
  • Geo-information management

Head office

Department of Laboratory

Department of Geological Research

Department of Minerals Research

Documentation Center


NOM’s head office 24, Street of Energy, 2035 Charguia - Tunis | BP: 215 - 1080 Tunis Cedex - Tunisia | Phone:(216) 71 808 013 / 71 808 266 - Fax (216) 71 808 098
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