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Laboratories and analyses - Pilot plant
:: Laboratories and analyses >> Pilot plant

The NOM has possessed a pilot plant to continually fulfill trials (close circuits).

The techniques implemented at this level are :
  • Gravimetric concentration via a dense medium using DYNA, WHIRPOOL or CYCLONE (suitable for the ores for which the mineral grains are relatively big)
  • The flotation is applied to the ores for which the mineral grains are relatively weak and inferior to 250 microns. The flotation circuit is very flowing, well appropriate for treating several types of ores, whether simple or complex.
    The NOM’s pilot plant has had a capacity on the order of 3 to 4 t/h for the treatment via dense medium and of 0.5 to 1 t/h for the flotation treatment. The mobilized workforce for this entity is composed of 3 engineers and 6 technicians.
    The pilot trials are executed in the following cases :
    1. When there is a case of a new deposit and after laboratory studies that led to a technically profitable procedure. They are fulfilled in big iron plots in a continuous manner with equipments that are similar to those that were used in an industrial scale but in more inferior dimensions.
    2. To evaluate the engineering data which are not given by the laboratory trials.
    3. When the concentration method present very particular problems.
    4. When a concentrate market cannot be fulfilled unless utilization tests have been achieved by the industrials. The pilot trial allows the production of a sufficient quality for such kind of tests.
    5. The pilot plant has been used to create new operators.
    6. When the organism that lends necessary capitals for the implementation of a new plant demands such studies.
    7. The pilot trials permit the confirmation of the possible profits that can result from the modifications of the reactive or changes in the circuits.
In the NOM the pilot plant was used to fulfill treatment trials for ores and the following substances:
  • Ores of: iron, Pb, Cu, Zn, Pb-Zn-Pyrite, Pb-Zn-baryte-fluorine phosphate.
  • Substances of: glassmaking glass, casting dust, zeolite, clay, baryte in drilling-sludge quality, baryte in lithopone quality, bentonite, chemical Celestine, dolomite, gypsum, Kaolin and feldspar.

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